LVD effects

Currently these effects are available (June 2011):
  • _JitThru
    • does nothing, starting point for new effects.
  • JitBrCoSa
    • adjustment of brightness, contrast, and saturation. The signal is passed thru a color lookup table to achieve psychedelic colors/effects.
  • JitDeform
    • uses an algorithm proposed by visell in the jitter demos to construct a grid of nurbs from the luminance of a signal. Nice in grid-mode.
  • JitDelay
    video delay with feedback. The feedback path includes zoom and rotation. This is adapted from a demo by Andrew Benson.
  • JitEmboss
    slight texture displacement and overlay.
  • JitFloatilla
    starts also in the Jitter demos, made by 2uptech (audioviz_env_detect). This effect is audio driven and produces moving colored shapes over the picture.
  • JitGaussianBlur
    you guess it.
  • JitImageUnit
    a shell for Apples build-in image units. Lots of effects, the parameter recall in this version is somehow buggy. But often the defaults are already quite nice.
  • JitMixer
    mixer for 4 video sources.
  • JitMovieGrid
    makes a grid of 5x5 movies out of a special formated input movie. This is a special design for the quantum project with Kotoka Suzuki. Warning: needs much memory and can slow down the fastest machine.
  • JitMoviePlayer
    Plays back movies. Drop a directory with movies on the plug and choose from the movies therein.
  • JitNoise
    …adds artful noise to the video. You may set the noise resolution, the video resolution, and the noise frame update frequency. It uses the addgrain/gengrain shader by Randy Jones.
  • JitSlide
    a wrapper for tp.slide.jxs. Nice shady effect, slows down everything, but not the framerate.
  • JitSlideTransform
    same as above, zoom, rotation and different blend modes are added to the feedback path.
  • JitWater
    a wrapper for xray.jit.water by Wesley Smith. It uses a simple displacement shader to create ripples over the input signal.
  • JitXFadeMovies
    Like JitMoviePlayer, but with two playback units in parallel, can crossfade between them.