LSD Effect List

Currently these effects are available (June 2011):
  • _Thru
    starting point for new effect modules
  • AM
    amplitude (= ring-) modulator matrix consisting of 2 sine oscillators, 1 band limited noise generator and one external input. Optional pitch tracking for the main oscillator.
  • AudioPlayer
    audio file playback from a given soundfile directory
  • Circles4
    4 channel out plus automated circular movement
  • Circles6
    6 channel out plus automated circular movement
  • Circles8
    8 channel out plus automated circular movement
  • Delay
    delay with LFO modulation
  • Distortion
    two stage distortion with flanger
  • Envelopes
    use the sound in audio buffer as modulation source
  • EnvMunger
    a wrapper for munger~ plus parameter envelope
  • FeedbackGrid
    16 independent delays with up to 80 seconds delay time and with filters in the output, mixed and routed with a matrix
  • Filter
    three filter matrix
  • FluidSynth
    wrapper for fluidsynth~ by Norbert Schnell
  • Formants
    wrapper for resonators~ from the CNMAT collection
  • FreqShifter
    6 stage frequency shifter
  • Gigaverb
    reverb plugin build around the famous gigaverb~ external
  • GizmoShifter
    pitch shift in the frequency domain with gizmo~
  • GrainSustain
    munger~ based sound stretcher
  • Grooves
    simultaneous playback of 4 audio buffers, optional panning over all output channels
  • HardyMod
    impulse data used as fir filter or modulation source
  • Harmonizer
    fuzzy logic produces three voices
  • KSReson
    a bank of strings as resonator
  • MidSeq
    use midifiles as modulation source
  • Munger
    granular buffer playback
  • PitchShifter
    pitch shifting in the time domain
  • PolySustain
    sample 8 small buffers, play them back via mini sequencer
  • PsolaShifter
    pitch shifting with formant correction, based on pitch~ and shifter~
  • PTSampler
    pitch tracking sampler, derived from an idea by Thomas Kessler
  • PVoc
    phase vocoded buffer playback
  • QuadroPlayer
    play back interleaved 4 channel soundfiles
  • Raindrops
    high Q randomized resonators, same as in Pluggo
  • ReKonstrukt
    use arbitrary waveforms to reconstruct the input signal
  • Reson
    Reson – wrapper for ffb~, 12 filters
  • ResonDelay
    like Reson with delayline, 6 filters
  • Sampler
    samples 16 sound snippets, plays them back randomly
  • Sequencer
    4 independent step sequencer as modulation source
  • SoundfilePlayer
    like AudioPlayer, uses a soundfile directory inside the current session
  • Speedshifter
    backward/forward buffer playback, same as in Pluggo
  • StereoAdjuster
    X | Y or M | S matrix with base width and balance
  • Sustain
    crossfaded looped buffer playback
  • Synthi
    the spirit of the famous Synthi AKS
  • Tape
    record input to cue indexed soundfile, play back up to four sounds later
  • VST
    a wrapper for vst plugins