A Plug-In for LVD

You start your new plug-in for LVD by making a copy of the _JitThru-folder.
Then rename that folder to the name of the new effect: _JitThru -> JitTheNewEffect
Open it and rename the files you find there, too, according to this rule:
  • tLb.JitTheNewEffect.maxpat – the model, the core function of the effect
  • tLb.UIJitTheNewEffect.maxpat – this is the slot view
  • tLb.UIJitTheNewEffectEdit.maxpat – this is the bigger edit view
The naming scheme is important, the SelectionController depends on that.

Then you can start editing the effect core inside the
tLb.JitTheNewEffect patcher.
Stacks Image 738
In the patcher window a comment "<-- put FX" indicates the place where you should start adding your own things. Take the existing plugs as draft for your creation.
For every pattr you add to your design put a corresponding tLb.BindToPattr into the big edit patcher.
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The small edit view, which appears in the slot, should contain only the most important controls, since the space there is very limited.
Demo is on the way…