Style guide

If you want to add new plug ins to LSD or LVD it is not necessary to understand every aspect of the framework. You simply program against an interface with quite few rules and definitions. These are:
  • Patcher layout

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    A patcher is considered as a "living" schematic diagram. The layout should help in understanding the underlying logic. The basic signal flow is always from top to bottom, all objects are aligned in a way that the connecting patchcords are running orthogonal. Slanted patchcords indicate temporary connections used for debugging.
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    Object Positioning

    If possible, the distance between objects should be just one pixel.
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    Patch cord distance

    Use the blue patchcord selection indicator as guide for the distance between them and between objects and patchcords.
  • Colors

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    "Original" pattrs are colored blue, "bound to" pattrs are green. In the default Max color palette these are the colors "23" and "27". Other objects linked to the pattr system, inluding pattrstorage are also colored with blue number "23". The green colored pattrs are hidden to pattrstorage, they establish the communication between the model part of the patch and its views.
    Don't forget to freeze this attribute after you changed it in the Info window.
  • other

    Don't forget to use comments. Try to avoid patchcords crossing objects. You can try to resize objects to clarify the layout and therefore your intentions.
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