Stage view

Select stage view in the application's View menu.
The window presents a simplified view of the session, hiding all elements unnecessary for the course of a show.
Instead it has a bigger cue display, also bigger views of the timer and metronome, and two new options to control the succession of cues – direct cue access buttons and the cue sequencer.
  • Direct cue access
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    The handling is quite simple:
    select one of the banks 1 … 4 you want to use.
    select a cue with the menu found just below the big lettered buttons A … L.
    Done. If you click a button the assigned cue will be recalled. You may use the corresponding keys on thecomputer, too.
  • Cue sequencer
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    The cue sequencer gives you the option to re-order existing cues. First use the add step button to create as many steps you will need. Then click on the row of a step you want to edit in the cue column of the table. A popup window appears from which you select the cue for the step. Done.
    A click in the comments column gives a second chance to rename a cue.
    Clicking on the go button recalls the sequencer step which is displayed in the next step number box. This can be done using the ENTER key on the keyboard, too.