It is possible to modulate all parameters of the effects.

Four modulation sources are built in:
  • Modulation (fixed module, found on the right part of the screen)
  • Sequencer: a step sequencer with 2…256 steps
  • MidSeq: reads special formatted midi files
  • modulation controlled with external midi devices, e.g. pedals.
For all who want to know how its done: the modulation source uses the list of stored parameters in the pattr system to find and control them. This means, all modulations are done in the Max scheduler domain, not in the audio domain. One may compare this with the audio versus control rate mechanism in CSound. There is a catch: pattrstorage lists all available parameters, but not if it makes sense to modulate them. Several parameters have just on/off states, others are lists. It is not possible to address lists properly – the responsibility to handle this in the right way is left to the user.
The clip shows the modulation of filter frequencies with two LFOs. Slot 1 holds an AudioPlayer, acting as sound source, slot 9 is at first empty, then it is used to host a filter, whose frequency is modulated.