Tempo controlled playback of cue lists

  • denominator: sets how many beats make one bar.
  • metro control button: this arms the metronome for take over the progress of steps in the CueCounter.
  • start with: which step should be used when the metronome is started. This allows to mix periods with and without metronome control.
To edit a metronome sequence click on the step list while the metronome is not running.
To start create new steps with the insert or append button.
Make sure that metro control is set to "on" and the state is "start" for every step in which the metronome should control the playback. Select the step, set the controls and click "keep" to save the state into the cue in the metronome cuelist.
The situation is somewhat complicated since the metronome controls the recall of cues, but every cue holds metronome settings as well, so the cat bites itself into the tail. The advantage of this setup is its great flexibility.
To check the cue and edit errors click on "edit steplist" to open the step window.
metronome click: you may select volume, pan, and the output for a metronome click for each step.
metronome allows musical time units which can be changed between cues. Here the input syntax for the step list is „bar:beat“.