It is possible to remote control LSD/LVD using an iPad. You will need to download and install the application TouchOSC on your device. After transferring the LSD template to the iPad you can choose from two pages, the direct cue access page and the mixer page.
The direct cue access page has the same control elements as its counterpart in LSD/LVD. Simply tap on the bank/cue buttons to jump to the indicated cue. You may start and stop timer and metronome, too.
On the mixer page you can adjust the levels of the 16 effect slots, plus the 4 stereo in- and outputs. To save the changed gain settings an additional keep button is also provided. Don't forget to re-save your session on the computer.
For LVD this page has no function in the current version (11.06.15).
If you use other layouts for TouchOSC on your iPad, make sure to select the right one:
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Computer and device find themselves using Bonjour. A few seconds after launching TouchOSC your iPad should be selectable as control source in the menu at the bottom of the Stage View.
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If there is no response from the network, try to re-scan by clicking the scan network button.
After connecting the captions of the iPad buttons should refresh, if not, try to switch the bank forward and back.