Cues and Comments

organize the cuelist

The CueCounter is the central instance to manage the cues of a show or a session.
A cue represents the whole state of the program at a given time. You make all necessary settings and click on keep all or hit the letter s on the keyboard. A dialog appears which lets you input a cue number:
You may save the cue using an existing cue number, overwriting its contents, or give it a new number, creating a new cue. After clicking on OK the CueCounter goes to that cue, ready for further editing.
  • insert – insert a cue before the current one
  • append – append a cue behind the current
  • copy – mark current cue as source for a "paste" operation
  • paste – paste the settings from the previously marked cue to the curren
  • delete – delete the current cue, all remaining go one step down
  • r – renumber cues in case of inconsistencies

More options:
auto – cues can be triggered by external events. Either "wait" for an amount of bars (the tempo is controlled with metronome) or trigger from a certain pitch. In this case in selects the input to listen to. This works with sounds which are analyzable by fiddle~.

Key commands:
  • RETURN goes to the next cue
  • ESC jumps back to cue 1


Comments are used to give cues names, making the identification and/or its purpose easier.
A click on the name column shows a text window which is used to enter a name:
A click in the "cue"-column jumps to that cue.