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This part of the site is about the programs LiveSound Design – LSD, LiveVideoDesign – LVD, and the MaxMSP framework tLb, which grows alongside with the development of these applications.

Both programs are meant to be used on stage to control unusual sound and video effects in a reproducible way. They are the result of a long experience in live audio and video design. Of course they can be also used in the studio to create quickly new and interesting sound and video effects. To learn more read on.
Beware: both applications are still considered "previews", that means that there are still – sometimes interesting – bugs in them. Sessions made with the programs should be thoroughly tested before using them in front of an audience.
And one more thing: we all stand on the shoulders of giants, and this is also true for this project. It uses third party Max objects, Java, and Javascripts which are mostly released under a GPL license. Therefore this work is released under the LGPL license and the Max source patches offer hopefully a lot of inspiration for others in their work.
More on this can be found on the downloads and licenses page.
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