Virtual Synthi

The „Synthi ZJR“ was made for the reconstruction of a piece by Henry Pousseur „Ex Dei In Machinam Memoria“ from 1971. It was first realized as Pluggo plugin and controlled via Logic Audio where the live input was treated with several „virtual effect machines“.
This version is made with Max 5. The standalone application runs on Macintosh computers with system version > 10.4.x.
This is not an emulation of the original Synthi AKS aka „Putney“ – it just tries to capture the spirit of the instrument. Therefor no bandlimited waveforms are used and it is hard to achieve a well tempered scale.
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Load the demo presets and try for yourself!
In case there is no midi keyboard connected use the SPACE key to trigger envelopes. „ENVELOPE SHAPER“ parameter „off“ controls the autotrigger function. To stay close to the original „1“ means „manual trigger“.
Since Max 5 not yet supports Pluggo there is no plugin version. It is possible to connect the synthi via rewire or use Jack as audio driver.
To open the sources you need Tap.Tools.


See Download page.

The Synthi in action. An excerpt from "Ex Dei in Machinam Memoria". Birgit Schmieder, Oboe

The Virtual Synthi is now part of the LSD plugins. There will be soon a version for Ableton Live.