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Kreisen is an interactive sound and video installation work in which one can control music and visual elements by moving one's hand in an invisible three-dimensional space in front of the screen.
Like living organisms, sound and visual elements continuously grow and sleep (when they are not being interacted) in an endless life cycle in this work, while they travel through different stages/environments. However, the amount of participants' interaction, both in duration of the interaction and physical movement of the hand, influence their rate of growth and development to the next stage.
Participants can not only "touch" or guide sound and visual elements to hear or see, but they can also reach into the screen to discover and bring out the hidden elements that lie beneath the subjective perspective of the surface. These conscious and unconscious decisions of the participants' interactions influence momentary or entire outcome of the music and visual elements.

A preliminary taped version of Kreisen was shown in June 2004 at the INVENTIONEN festival, Sophiensæle, Berlin.

Kotoka Suzuki
Claudia Rohrmoser
Audio programming: Thomas Seelig
Video programming: Gregor Tobeitz/
Rainer Kohlberger
Kreisen was commissioned by the DAAD, 2004
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