LSD/LVD changelog

LSD Version 11.10.17:
  • fixed several bugs discovered during the work on the "Last Desire" opera project for Lucia Ronchetti. E.g. interpolation now starts at 0.01 to make sure that the next cue value for "thresh 0.01" parameter is really recalled.

LSD and LVD:
  • fixed "symbol" bug in CueNames if using simple numbers as names.
  • new "static" mode for FXSelection. A third "effect name" argument initializes the slot with an effect with this name which cannot be changed anymore in the session.

Version 11.06.15

both LSD and LVD:
  • modulation signals are handled as audio (MSP) signals until the final routing to pattrstorage to discharge the Max scheduler.

Version 11.06.09

  • from now on LVD and LSD have individual version (= build date) numbers and download archives.
  • added more screen resolutions to output menu

Version 11.05.31

  • repaired a bug in the effect slot matrix which was introduced in the previous version.

Version 11.05.29

  • sfplayer: open session with player in same slot as before: internal soundfile directory is now refreshed properly.
  • Help window is now functional.

  • help and test generator built-in
  • Outputs: out a gain defaults to "1", the others to "0".

  • stage view: Menu for reachable network devices is now refreshed properly.

Version 11.05.16
  • Outputs: use „Desktop“ as default soundfile directory for recordings.
  • pathnames with folders and files containing „/„: put a warning on the website to avoid this
  • recompiled Java objects using version 1.5 to be compatible with OSX 10.4.11
  • AudioPlayer: cosmetic bug concerning display of progress bar during crossfade between cues
  • CueCounter: cues were send twice under certain circumstances, disturbing crossfade between cues